About me - magician Konrad Warsaw and the surrounding area
Konrad Modzelewski
Who's that?
Konrad specializes in magic shows for children - and he knows more about it than almost anyone else. Admittedly, he has no particular talent, no master title and no doctorate in magical sciences. Instead, he has over 3,000 shows of experience and for fourteen years he has been making a living from his passion - which is making children smile with the use of magic and comedy. He also makes pretty good pancakes.

Konrad has - not only once, not even twice - performed for a wider audience. He's been making magic on TV - on TVP1, TVP Polonia, TVP ABC and Superstacja channels. The only thing missing in his collection is a visit to Cartoon Network. He also appeared on the radio many times - on RDC, Radio Bajka, Polish Radio Station 1, 2, 3 and 4 (and if Station 5 is ever created, he'll also be happy to drop by).
And what else?
Konrad is one walking diplomat, he has presented his shows in the embassies of France, Belgium, Finland, and the USA, as well as in the Polish Embassy in Romania. He has visited many Polish ministry offices too.

And that's not all! Konrad, as one of the few magicians in the world who've done it, periodically performed ten thousand meters above the ground - on board planes during flights to Greece and Turkey.

Konrad is the founder of the publishing house A niech to! (Oh darn!) which publishes books for magicians. He is the author of a book on magic tricks Czaruj z Dziecikiem (Children's Book of Magic), co-author of a handbook for magicians Kid Performer - Czyli jak ze sztuczek wyczarować biznes (Kid Performer - How to turn magic tricks into a business), and in 2022, his first novel under the deceitful title Piąta Powieść (The Fifth Novel) was premiered.

And now for something completely different. Long ago, after the show, a little boy approached Konrad and asked:
- Are you a real wizard?
Konrad replied:
- It is only up to you.
Order a show!
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