Customer's guide - schools, kindergartens - Iluzjonista Warszawa Konrad Modzelewski, pokazy iluzji dla dzieci, szkoły, przedszkola

Customer’s guide – schools, kindergartens

How to prepare the venue for the show?

Konrad brings everything necessary for the show with him, including a portable sound system powered by a battery, so that everyone can hear him. 🙂 No table or chair is needed. A glass of drinking water is possibly a welcome thing. 🙂

It is best to place the show in such a way that everyone can sit on one side of the magician – not behind and not on the sides, for the magic not to escape us. 😉 Children can sit on chairs or on the floor.


What should I avoid at the venue?

To help children focus on the show, it’s good to take care of removing any potential distractions:

  • Balloons – if in the middle of the trick someone tosses up a balloon, someone else hits it, then someone else does it… After a while we have one big balloon pitch, and nobody remembers the magician anymore. Definitely remove the balloons from the children’s sight.
  • Food, snacks, drinks – you can’t do magic for someone who once looks at the magician, once at the popcorn bowl. 🙂 And what’s more important: there will be a lot of laughts during the show and eating anything can cause a risk of choking.
  • Toys – balls, cars, Barbie dolls, Lego blocks and even rocking horses. This is especially important with younger children – every minute increases the chance that the little ones will start to play with something, distracting other children from the show at the same time. In a room full of toys, even David Copperfield would have a hard time keeping the children’s attention.
  • Adults, parents, aunts, educators – attention, attention! You are also invited to the show. 🙂 You will not be bored! If, on the other hand, the magician’s show is the only opportunity for you to take care of other urgent matters or to talk – please, do it in another room. Unfortunately, your conversation in the background may disturb the children and disrupt the show. Besides, talking at a show is not a very good example for the children. 😉
  • Pipes, trumpets and other noisy gadgets – they are really great, but when the kids start trumpeting, even the best trick won’t survive.
  • TV, radio – please, turn them off, of course.
  • Animals – a doggy, a kitty or a bunny maybe won’t steal the magic suitcase, but the fact that they wander through the middle in a carefree way will steal the show… And suddenly no one notices a levitating ball or other miracles from outer space anymore. Because after all, “Oh, how cuuuute!” 😉 Please, lock the animals in another room or let them out in the yard.


Outdoor performance?

That’s not a recommended option. Rain, wind, sun shining in the eyes, street noises, insects and potentially other random situations – all of these can unfortunately disrupt or even stop the show. An open-air show is a bit like watching a movie on your smartphone on a tram instead of on the couch at home. 😉 Therefore, whenever possible, it’s best to do the show indoors.


Children’s mental comfort

Sometimes, at first children may be afraid of the big stranger who has just come to them, so it is better to avoid surprise shows with younger children. It’s much better to tell the children a few days in advance what they can expect – that a funny Mr. will visit them and that he will show them magic tricks.

We also recommend not to scare the kids with jokes like “If you are naughty, Mr. Wizard will come and turn you into a frog!” or “Be polite or Mr. Magician will make you disappear!” It may seem funny, but it can make younger children feel negative about the show and even cry at the mere sight of a big stranger magician. Even though he’s definitely not scary. 🙂


Can you do a longer show, maybe two or three hours?

Konrad probably could do it – but who could stand it? Konrad’s task is to give the children best possible memories from the meeting with a magician, and not to make them fall asleep from boredom after the fortieth trick in a row. If you want to keep your children busy for a long time – we also recommend employing other artists or animators as well. It’s good to ask Konrad about it, he will gladly recommend someone for sure. 🙂