Events, fairs, family picnics - Iluzjonista Warszawa Konrad Modzelewski, pokazy iluzji dla dzieci, szkoły, przedszkola

Events, fairs,
family picnics

An awesome highlight
of any event!
Konrad Modzelewski's family show is a combination of magic and comedy - so eyes wide with surprise and bellies aching from laughing! :)

Konrad's main task is to keep the audience laughing! Plus, his show is not just sitting and watching... it's interaction all the time!

Konrad amazes with his tricks, and at the same time he constantly talks to the children, showers them with jokes, riddles and spells. Moreover, he asks for help in magic - he invites little assistants from the audience to the stage. :) The show is always done in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere, and Konrad presents his crafts in a simple and clear way.

Boy, it'll be fun! Disappearing scarves, metal going through metal or a levitating ball are not even all of what awaits you!
Why is it good to invite
Konrad to an event?
Konrad is always on time and always gives his 100% at the show. :)
A very simple technical rider. :)
Konrad takes care of the comfort and safety of the children, there is no fire or any dangerous objects in the show. :)
Approach to children
Konrad specializes in shows for children and knows how to get along with them. He treats them as equals. :)
Additional info

At mass events, such as a family picnic, a fair or a large corporate event for children – the show will be best on stage. Konrad will be happy to use the organizer’s sound system to which he will attach his microport.

At smaller events – such as Children’s Day in the customer’s office – the stage is not necessary and then Konrad uses his portable sound system.

Konrad’s program will be perfect both as one of the event’s highlights and as the focal point of the program.

The show is for children and parents (and grandparents and great-grandparents, and even your mother-in-law or weird uncle!)

Show duration – from 30 to 50 minutes.

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Frequently asked questions
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Is it ok to take photos at the show?

Of course! It's even necessary!

Can you do a longer show, maybe two or three hours?

Konrad's task is to give the children best possible memories from the meeting with a magician, and not to make them fall asleep from boredom after the fortieth trick in a row. :) Konrad's experience proves that a show lasting from 30 to 50 minutes works best for preschoolers.

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